Monday, July 5, 2010

Customer Designed Home Ready for Viewing - New Homes in Tulsa

Would you like to see the transformation of a Model Home from our design ideas to you the customers ideas? In our Fairway Park location we have recently redesigned and built our FP Monroe floorplan. This home has always been very popular for us, but now we have taken 3 years worth of input from thousands of customers and asked our Glenn Shaw to go back to the drawing board on this home.

He redesigned the home with your comments as the blueprints and has made this top seller one of our most functional Customer Designed Plans. While we have the original FP Monroe model up for sale, and until it has sold, you can walk thru the original and the redesigned version across the street at our Fairway Park location. By the way, ask about our great incentive on the original model home while you are there.


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