Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shaw Homes "Take a Tour" - New Homes Tulsa

I recently had a funny experience when I met a home shopper that happened upon Shaw Homes by mistake.

When he walked in, he looked a little confused, and said he was looking for "Builder X". My response was "You can't be looking for Builder X, you must be looking for Shaw Homes, because you're here."

He laughed and said "no, I've already bought a home, I'm just finalizing stuff so I came to get it taken care of." When I asked if he had already signed a contract, he said no but that he was close.

Over the next 30 minutes, one of our Community Managers and I chatted with him and asked about the next home he wants, how much he wants to spend, and what he wants in the home. It quickly became apparent that we could build him a home that was larger, had more features, and would cost him less than he was just about to spend.

Four days after our first meeting, our new customer was in the model home signing a contract with a huge grin on his face. We couldn't ask for a happier customer.

If you are a buyer looking for a home, or a Realtor helping a buyer, the focus of the builder being considered must always be on what the home buyer wants and needs. When shopping, it's important to keep your eyes on the ball, and not be distracted by flash. "We include..." is a part of the sales process. Isn't it better to hear the Manager ask "What are you looking for? What do you want?" After all, it's going to be your home.

Shaw Homes is doing something completely unique in the Tulsa area, called "The Mocha Tour". We offer you an experience without a "sales process". Call us and set a time to join us on a Mocha Tour. We start off with fresh Starbucks coffees in hand, then tour about a dozen homes. Some will be Market Ready Homes, and others will be fully decorated and furnished model homes. Bring a pad to write down all the details you like and you want as you view each home. Our customers love the experience and the variety of homes they get to see.

You get to drive by yourselves so you can talk privately between each home to share your thoughts and opinions.

Call (918)409-5195, 7 days a week, between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM to get in on a Tour, or e-mail info@shawhomes.com.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shaw Homes "Lowest Mortgage Rate Ever Recorded" - New Homes Tulsa

February started off with a bang as the national mortgage rate dropped to the lowest point since records have been kept, hitting 3.87% on a 30 year fixed mortgage. To make now an ever better time to build a home, Shaw Homes is turning up the heat with a Red Hot Winter Incentive.

No snow on the ground is making it easy for those who are out shopping for the perfect homesite. Shaw Homes makes it easier than ever by having the largest selection of fully furnished and decorated model homes to choose from. If you are like most people, seeing a home for yourself is the key to finding what you want. Call us now to book a tour and have some fun looking.

Home shopping tip: Sit down and make a list of everything you love about your current home or apartment, and everything you want that you don't have now. Think about the function of each room you use, and how it fits or doesn't fit what you need. Keep this list with you when you come to see us, and share it. A home builder is very much like a chef. The more we know about your tastes, the easier it is to build the home that fits yours.